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Construction Site Security

Running a construction site is a major commitment that entails keen attention to details. While you may be occupied with ordering materials from suppliers and coordinating designs with the field engineers, have you ever stopped to think that your construction site is heavily exposed to crimes like vandalism and theft?

After all, it's a place that requires a lot of people to work in and visit traders, delivery men, construction workers, even visitors and casual passersby. The bottom line is this: you can be held liable for all the potential crimes and dangerous incidents in your construction site if they do happen which is a likely possibility. Unless, of course, you make a sensible move by utilizing construction site security. That's where we at Hero Security come in.

Mobile Patrol Services:

We offer a full range of mobile patrol services including interior and exterior checks as well as alarm response. We can swiftly respond to alarms, investigate and take appropriate action on your behalf. We can work in conjunction with your existing alarm provider to bring you the peace of mind outside working hours or even 24 hours a day. We use up to date, well-maintained vehicles, providing a noticeable presence and alerting potential criminals to the presence of professional security.

Loss Prevention Services: Hero Security provides loss Prevention Services( LPS) to national, local retailers and mid -sized firms that focus on eliminating internal and external theft and fraud. They monitor the store by doing regular rounds, and controlling the comings and goings of customers, as required. Our LPS officers will reduce your losses and risk that will increase your profit in the long run.

First Aid (Level 1/2/3) + Security: We provide well trained First Aid (OFA Level 1/2 /3) officers available depending upon your needs. All first aid trained officers comply with Worksafe BC first aid regulations.

Parking and Parking lot security:

It's almost a universal fact that parkades and parking lots spell out a great venue for all sorts of crimes. Apart from worrying about your safety, you also need to take into consideration that your clients may also be in harm's way every time they use parking facility. To address the problem and keep the area safe, we have officers who can do a full patrol of any given parking facility.

Apartment Complex Security:
Apartment buildings and complexes are common targets for break-ins, and the worse thing about it is that the criminal usually goes unnoticed. Hero Security provides competent and professional officers who can do complete routine checks of floors, parkade facilities, and common areas for any suspicious people or activities

Emergency Express Services:
As soon as possible service has been designed keeping in mind for client in case of emergency of fire, flood & break ins. Guard will be sent in minimum possible time to provide coverage and to reduce further loss from unpredictable circumstances.. However time factor cannot be neglected for longer distance travelling but we will try to send guard from nearby area.

Special Events
We provide security guards for concerts, special events. Whenever you need protection, we will be there. Our security guard company is proud to provide professional security services at any small or large event.

Get in touch with us to know how we can help you keep your property safe. We're happy to hear from you.